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Sony has recently announced that its upcoming Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) will not include Region blocking software.

Sony following on the footsteps of Game Boy Advance has decided keep its PSP region free. This move is in accordance to the nature of portable devices. Portable devices implicitly mean 'Portability', thus having region codes strapped on to game discs does not make sense, since people are expected to carry their systems with them on trips abroad and therefore be able to purchase software outside their native country or region.

Althought this announceme came from a SONY Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) boss David Reeves and was posted on the sony.com there are strong suggestions that it is not fully true. First of all the interview where this infor about PSP being region free was revealed has been remeoved from the sony site and it is known that MPEG4 UMD movies for PSP wll have region blocks and strong 128bit encoding for copy protection.

Sony's PSP is based upon its new UMD (Universal Media Disc), a 60mm double-sided optical disc that can hold up to 1.8GB of data around 2 hours of high resolution full motion video playback at DVD quality. However, pressure from Hollywood means that movies distributed on UMD discs for the device will still have to be region locked (similar to DVD region locking).



In another announcement, Sony has planned to increase main system memory in the PSP from 8mb to 32mb, 24MB of main RAM, 4MB of video RAM and 2MB of general-purpose media processor RAM. Also a special 'Full development system' has been created for the platform which is expected to ship to developers in the coming weeks replacing the PC-based emulators that are currently in use for early game creation work.

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